Do Mushrooms Fall Under Vegetarian Category or Non-Vegetarian?

Do Mushrooms Fall Under Vegetarian Category or Non-Vegetarian?

I commenced undertaking a little bit of analysis about this in Gita, The Holy Guide of Hindus. In accordance to Krishna or Krishna consciousness, if you will, will not indulge in in excess of/below consuming.

The gist of my analysis is, meals is divided in to 3 varieties. Now it is up to us to decide where each and every meals falls.

one. Goodness: Milk, honey, veggies, rice, lentils and so on. If you request me, eggs are also vegetarian. They are not fertilized by sperm. By definition, you are not creating soreness to the egg when you make an omelet (just like you will not trigger pain to carrots when you dig them out of soil). In my definition, egg falls into Goodness category.

Counter argument is that we require to classify meals based mostly on mobile-structure not exactly where it will come from.

2. Passion: Anything at all which is hot (chili-sizzling) and spicy falls into this group. From what I recognize, there is no very clear definition of which foods drop underneath this classification.

three. Ignorance: Meat and meat merchandise drop under this category.
(In accordance to Gita). It often stunned Shrooms vs LSD me that we give so considerably relevance to religion, peace etc, however Gita by itself is a justification of why war is crucial at occasions. Of system I totally think that it is the Holiest of texts until day, yet the irony is not lost.

Argument one particular: Not too long ago mushroom farmers have started employing fish emulsion spray derived from fishes for quicker growth.
So a fertilizer, which is not pure vegetarian is getting utilized on a vegetarian merchandise. That is the cause why some vegetarians are not clear whether to eat mushrooms.

Argument two: Each solitary next we destroy tens of millions of bacteria and other microscopic creatures by inhaling air. So its all about what definitions people give to justify their taking in behavior.

One more issue is, how a lot of of us realize that it really is not about meat or non-meat goods but its about not killing animals for our needs/requirements? For the exact same reason even leather cloths must also be a strict No for a practicing vegetarian. Can we reside without taking in meat? Yes. But do I propagate that consuming vegetarian foods is the way to go? No. I am not against ingesting meat and I do not consider to persuade people who do to consider my standpoint.

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